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TWSE Corporate Governance

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No. Title Date
1 Latest CSR Report framework - Official Announcement of GRI Standards in Traditional Chinese 2017-06-13
2 The 2016 Corporate Governance Evaluation Award Ceremony was Magnificently Held on May 23 2017-06-01
3 TWSE urges TWSE listed companies to strengthen equal treatment of shareholders and protection of shareholder rights 2017-05-17
4 Joint Conference by TWSE and ARDF for improving the quality of CSR reports 2017-04-21
5 2016 (3rd Round) Corporate Governance Evaluation Results Released: Full list available for the first time 2017-04-20
6 Stewardship of institutional investors more important than ever with ESG investing becoming mainstream 2017-03-08
7 Educational Seminars for the 2017 Corporate Governance Evaluation Begin on March 1 2017-02-21
8 The 2017 Corporate Governance Evaluation Indicators are officially announced. 2017-01-06
9 TWSE hosts Investor Relations Forum to facilitate communication between companies and investors 2016-12-23
10 Signatories of Taiwan Stewardship Principles hit 20 2016-10-31
11 TWSE releases amended "Corporate Governance Best-Practice Principles for TWSE/TPEx Listed Companies" 2016-10-14
12 Taiwan places 4th in the Asian corporate governance ranking 2016-10-07
13 2016 Educational Seminars for Corporate Governance Evaluation and CSR Reports Start on September 19, 2016 2016-09-20
14 TWSE promotes the implementation of ethical management and corporate social responsibility 2016-09-09
15 TWSE hosts CSR Report Seminar to improve quality of CSR reports 2016-08-24
16 TWSE held endorsement ceremony of Stewardship Principles for Institutional Investors 2016-08-17
17 Quality of Shareholders' Meetings of Listed Companies has been raised 2016-07-29
18 TWSE Launched the Stewardship Principles for Institutional Investors 2016-06-30
19 2nd Corporate Governance Evaluation Award Ceremony on June 16 Attended by 280 Directors and Supervisors of TWSE/TPEX Listed Companies 2016-06-20
20 TWSE Attended Fifth GRI Global Conference 2016-05-26
21 Taiwan Stock Exchange Outlines Future Development Plans at ‘Invest Taiwan, Kuala Lumpur’ Forum 2016-05-04
22 TWSE Corporate Governance Forums - Insider Trading and Corporate Social Responsibility closed with success 2016-05-04
23 Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) hosts a Forum to encourage listed companies emphasizing the investor relations 2016-04-25
24 2015 (Second Round) Corporate Governance Evaluation Results Released 2016-04-13
25 TWSE hold seminar, emphasizing the Stewardship of institutional investors 2016-04-12
26 Significant improvement on financial and nonfinancial information disclosure quality of TWSE-Listed Companies 2016-03-21
27 Educational Seminars for the 2016 Corporate Governance Evaluation Begin on March 2 2016-03-01
28 TWSE successfully held seminar on the “2016 Corporate Governance Forum - Insider Trading and Corporate Social Responsibility” for directors and supervisors on January 26 2016-02-01
29 Preventing insider trading and strengthening the corporate social responsibility, TWSE holding seminars for directors and supervisors 2016-01-18
30 TWSE held public hearing on “Stewardship Principles for Institutional Investors,” in which the public actively participated 2016-01-18
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