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The Result of the 2015 Corporate Governance Evaluation

publish time:2016-04-11
In response to rapid developments in corporate governance reforms in neighboring countries, the Financial Supervisory Commission ("FSC") issued a 5-year "Corporate Governance Roadmap" in December 2013, aiming to accelerate the implementation of corporate governance among Taiwanese listed companies, assist companies with sound development and boost market confidence. According to the roadmap, the implementation of corporate governance evaluation is one of the major projects with the goal to assist investors and companies in better understanding the performance of corporate governance by comparing the evaluation result among companies.
In 2014, the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (“TWSE”) and the Taipei Exchange(“TPEx”) launched “Corporate Governance Evaluation System”, conducted by the Securities and Futures Institute (“SFI”) annually. The FSC believes this evaluation system will make companies take corporate governance more seriously, encourage healthy competition among companies and cultivate a culture that companies voluntarily improve their corporate governance.
Following the roadmap, the 2015 (2nd Round) full-year top 50% evaluation results were released on April 8, 2016. In the 824 TWSE listed and 623 TPEx listed companied, 412 TWSE and 312 TPEx listed companies were evaluated as top 50%. For full evaluation results, please visit website at
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1 2015 Corporate Governance Evaluation Results in Taiwan