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Educational Lessons for “2020 Corporate Governance Evaluation”

publish time:2020-02-14

To help investors to understand the importance of corporate governance and to enhance the level of corporate governance of Taiwan, Financial Supervisory Commission released “Corporate Governance Roadmap 2013". Conducting the corporate governance evaluation is an important action in this roadmap for shaping a culture of good corporate governance.

 The Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) started implementing the Corporate Governance Evaluation System since year 2014. The evaluation indicator content, scoring scheme, and results has received significant attention from TWSE and TPEx listed companies. To augment their knowledge on the contents and grading standards of the 2020 (7th Round) Corporate Governance Evaluation and encourage them to adopt better corporate governance practices, the TWSE and TPEx prepare on-line courses, which are open to listed companies starting on February 26. All presentations are addressed in Chinese. Your participation will be sincerely welcomed.

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